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Virtuous Crafts and Blanks

Ceramic Christmas Ornament

Ceramic Christmas Ornament

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Christmas is approaching and we have the perfect ornaments for you to personalize for your customer. Can be printed with any personal photo, design, or company logo. 



•Name: Sublimation Christmas Ornaments 

•Color: White


*These ornaments are blank and ready for you to sublimate.



•Size of Substrate: 3 inches

•Size of design:



•Gifts /Personal keepsakes/ Promotional 

•Can customize for Christmas



•1 ornament

•1 Gold string 

•1 ceramic circle



•Sublimation paper (preferably Virtuous Crafts)

•Design or image printed in reverse (on sublimation paper)

•Sublimation ink 

•Sublimation Printer

•Heat press (size 15x15)

•Heat tape



•400 degrees/ 60 seconds or 385 degrees / 35 seconds 



•1st- bring image into designing software, mirror the image, then print the image on Virtuous Crafts Sublimation paper with Blanks Galore sublimation ink. (preferably)

•2nd- Peel the film off the aluminum circle, tape the sublimation paper to the aluminum circle of the ornament with heat resistant tape nice and secure.

•3rd- Lay the circle down on top of the heat press and close the heat press down. (Temps and time above/ NO BUTCHER PAPER NEEDED ON TOP OF VIRTUOUS CRAFTS SUBLIMATION PAPER because the ink don’t bleed through)

•4th- Remove from heat press, remove the sublimation paper, post your custom ornament for sale and get them coins!


Can easily sell for $15

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